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 We started this site in memory of our dear mum, Dorothy. 

For many years we visited Butlins camps all over England for our holidays. We spent many nights watching mum and dad dancing their ballroom steps across the dance floor whilst sipping coke and eating crisps. Then in the 80s mum purchased two caravans on the lakeside caravan site situated inside the Butlins camp in Minehead. So now rather than travel the UK going to Butlins camps we visited the Minehead camp every year.

We have many fantastic memories of outdoor swimming, fair grounds, Donkey Derby, Roller Skating, boating on the pond and of course watching mum and dad dance.

Selling one of the vans a few years ago and purchasing several new caravans over the years, we now only have the one.

Over the years we have seen many changes in the site, from their chalets to the shows, the fair ground to the entertainment. Through all the changes it has remained a very family friendly place to holiday. 

Mum passed early in October 2017 and we decided to take over the booking for my Dad to keep her love for the caravan and Butlins alive.


For the last 2 years we have run Dots Caravan as a

non-profit hire in memory of mum but 

Dad passed away at the beginning of August this year, we have therefore decided that this season will be our last. 

We have offered cheap accommodation at the very enjoyable  BUTLINS.


Situated in Minehead it offers a lovely village location and beach withing a very short walk.

We have donated our profits to our local charities, either in the form of Prizes for charity auctions, raffle prizes or cash.

We would like to thank all of our previous and future guests for helping us to support our local charities.

Please Read our blog for more details of why we donated to these charities.

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